Useful Ways Of Using Siri On A Mac

Siri is a well-known AI assistant that comes packed with every Mac. She can help you a lot when it comes down to organizing and simplifying the use of your computer. Many people don’t even use Siri because of their inability to comprehend the vast possibilities she has to offer. That’s why we made this article and tried to bring Siri closer to you. Here are some of the tips we’re willing to share with you which will help you use Siri’s capabilities properly.

Finding files

Siri is very useful when you want to find particular files. Instead of doing it manually, you can just say “Show me the documents from yesterday” Siri is programmed to distinguish and differentiate time periods and file extensions. In simpler words, Siri comprehends the concept of days, time, and file extensions. However, she only searches through local files.

Reading Emails

We already determined her ability to find files. But, she has another surprising feature. She can also read! After giving her the “Read emails” command, you will be presented with the previews of your unread emails.

Siri will also continue to read the emails notifying you of subjects, senders, and date and time of arrival. It may not be the most practical way to read emails, but it has its purposes. For example, if you’re sitting far away from your PC and you’re too lazy to get up.

Apple-Patents-the-Siri-Icon-2-640x640Searching the Web

This is also one of the top favorites of Siri’s capabilities. Command her with “Search the web” and add the desired term at the end of the sentence. Siri will run the search using the Bing search engine. The results will be displayed within Siri’s window, and you can click on a particular result.


You can tell Siri to remind you of something in the future. All you have to do is say “Remind me” and determine the time interval. This is arguably the most useful feature she has. You’ll never forget to pay the bills again.

Posting on social networks

She can post statuses on social networks on your behalf. Just issue a command like “Post to Facebook” or “Tweet this, ” and she will ask you to dictate the desired text. Don’t worry about mishearing, even though she might make an error.

She will offer a preview of your desired status before publishing it online. So, there are no excuses for posting “break” instead of “brake.”

Launching an app

How many times did you forget the path to a particular folder with the desired shortcut? Well, Siri has a solution.


Instead of lurking through every folder on your hard drive, just say “Open photos” or “Open videos.” You’ll save a lot of steps and effort as well. This works with Apple’s applications as well as third-party software.