The rise of the Nigerian movie industry

High-budget movies come out of the Hollywood. Another place from which high-budget films come is the Bollywood. The Europe and Japan also have a healthy movie industry, and they have several decades of movies to show off.

Nigeria doesn’t have a long history of filmography, and thus many people doubt that this country can produce good movies. Some of those movies are poorly filmed due to the lack of professional equipment as well as the lack of experienced filming crew. This type of environment spawned a lot of movies that had excellent stories, enchanting lines but bad picture quality. This didn’t stop people from making exciting art pieces worth your time.

Excellent movies with bad picture quality

Maami is a movie based on an outstanding Nigerian novel that deals with issues concerning wealth, domestic violence, and dark secrets. This film is a drama with elements of mystery and thriller that turns it into an exciting watch. If you are into drama with a strong and brave female lead, then this is a movie you should watch.

Kiss and Tell is another interesting Nigerian film that has quite a poor video quality. The story is focused on two guys that are best friends and business partners. They consider women as prey, and that is the subject of this movie. They start a bet in which one of them has ten days to sleep with one woman, and company shares are at stake. Two protagonists will do anything it takes to increase their chances of winning the bet. The setting of this movie might seem familiar to you, and there is a good reason for that. The bet between two playboys is something Hollywood did a long time ago, but it’s still an attractive setting.

Nollywood movies worth your time

Nollywood is the Nigerian version of Hollywood which means that they have the money to create excellent films. This also means that the video quality of those movies is on the par with the Hollywood as production costs of those films is quite high. This environment allowed the domestic producers and scriptwriters to create some exciting movies that should be on your watch list.

Ghetto Dreamz, also known as The Dagrin Story is a sort of a biographical movie that follows the life of the late Hip Hop artist Dagrin. He dies at the age of 24 in a terrifying motor accident that shocked the nation. This movie tells his story and how he came to be the best Hip Hop artist in Nigeria. You will be amazed by this film as it tells the story of hardships and challenges that young Nigerian people have to go through to succeed in life.

Phone Swap is one of the best nollywood movies you will ever watch. This is a romantic comedy that follows a man and a woman who swap their phones by mistake. A lot of hilarious situation arises due to this complication, and you will laugh every single time due to great Nigerian humor that makes this movie stand out.