The Best Laptops Of 2016

If you didn’t buy a PC this year, but you planned to, this list may help you decide which one to buy. There were many new editions in 2016, and there are a few notable ones. People often have issues when it comes down to purchasing a Laptop. A lot of questions come to mind, and a lot of people even give up under pressure. If you need a moment to think about it and come up with a decision, this is the perfect place to do it.


Exclude the opinions of your friends and people around you, and make up your decision. You will have to blame or praise no one but yourself this way. Without further ado, these are the best Laptops in 2016.

Apple MacBook Pro with TouchBar

Paradoxically, the Touch Bar is the least important update for this model. The reason why this unit is considered as a premium purchase is that almost every component included has been updated in some way. It has a thinner design, a brighter screen, and a bigger touchpad. Some argue that having only USB-C ports can cause some adjustment and compatibility issues, but that’s only temporary. USB-C will become a common thing in the next year.

Alienware 13R3 OLED

When it comes down to gaming laptops, we all know Alienware is the number one choice. This is a new 13-inch version with an OLED screen and saying it performs amazingly would be an understatement. It also features the new Nvidia GeForce 1060 which is powerful enough to run even VR games. The only “flaw” with this laptop is the lack of USB ports.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga

This version of the Yoga line is the favorite among many users faithful to Lenovo. It’s because it has a retractable keyboard which folds when you set this unit into the tablet mode. This particular version of Yoga is also among the few available with the OLED display. However, the OLED display significantly boosts the price.

hp-elitebook-folioHP Elite Book Folio G1

The G1 is a bit thicker than its “brother” the Spectre 13, but this one uses Core M processors instead of Core i-series. It offers a 4K touchscreen option, and it can rotate 180 degrees. Although HP has been promoting their 10mm thick laptops, this one is way better for professionals considering the performance and overall capabilities.

Apple MacBook 2016

If you though there isn’t going to be two Apple products on the list, you were wrong. This 12-inch unit is a perfect choice for people looking to substitute their MacBook Air with an alternative. It’s thin, light, and features all of the MacOS features including long battery life, a highly responsive touchpad, and a perfect sleep-to-wake cycle. Although the first generation had its issues such as lags in performance and various glitches, this one is way better. It should be the number one choice for people who, for example, travel a lot. It’s perfect for planes, trains, buses, and so on.